Hi all! I’ve been excited to share this, because I LOVE reading these kind of product review blogs, and I decided to do one of my own! These are my top 10 favorite bath and beauty products – all under $100! This also gave me the perfect excuse to test out my brand new macro […]

Back in the fall of 2017, I enrolled in online classes at Franklin University for my master’s degree in Instructional Design. In normal-people words, it’s basically learning how to create educational content to best suit the needs of the learners….A.K.A – learn how to make stuff that needs to be taught. I graduated with my […]

Standing out in the big WWW. world is pretty terrifying. You’re up against SO many other websites, platforms, domains, the list goes on. Believe me when I say that I have had my FAIR SHARE of online fails. When I think back  almost eight  years ago to my very first website, I can’t even tell […]